A particular class of high-performance batteries utilized for particular powersport applications is called a powersport battery. Depending on the particular battery type or brand, they are often very low maintenance and made to last a long time.

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Which kinds of cars require powersport batteries?

Powersport batteries are made for use in a wide range of vehicles and applications, such as boats, ATVs, UTVs, snowmobiles, motorcycles, and personal watercraft.

Which powersport battery type is appropriate for me?

The kind of vehicle you drive may determine the kind of powersport batteries you require. Make sure the battery you choose fits your demands by consulting the manufacturer’s specs for your equipment. The staff at your neighborhood TheBattery can aid you in choosing if you need it.

Which motorbike battery is the best?

Your particular motorbike may determine which battery is ideal for you. To help you narrow down your options by year, make, and model, use our motorbike battery finder. For more help, get in touch with the nearby batteries.

What distinguishes UTV batteries from ATV batteries?

Similar to a quad or four-wheeler, an ATV is an all-terrain vehicle designed for one rider. Because it can accommodate many riders, a UTV, also known as a side-by-side, is a utility task vehicle. The best method to select the appropriate ATV or UTV battery, notwithstanding their variances, is to consult the manufacturer’s recommendations.

What are typical batteries that have flooded?

Flooded batteries, sometimes referred to as wet cell batteries, run on liquid. Our traditional flooded batteries need less upkeep and allow you to replenish electrolyte as needed.

AGM batteries: what are they?

Absorbed Glass Mat batteries go by the acronym AGM. Xtreme AGM batteries, which can resist harsh environments without leaking, are what we carry. Additionally, we have high-performance AGM batteries in store that combine cutting-edge design and cutting-edge technology for optimal performance and dependability.

What store sells batteries for powersports?

Here at thebattery, you can get the powersport batteries you require. We provide high-quality automotive batteries from leading brands for anything from snowmobiles to watercrafts. Visit your neighborhood The Battery Store for help if you’d like further information.

Selecting an Appropriate Powersport Battery

Are you trying to choose the correct battery for your ATV, snowmobile, side-by-side UTV, motorbike, or personal watercraft? Lithium, AGM, and flooded powersport batteries are available from Batteries Plus from reputable manufacturers including Xtreme, Duracell, and X2Power. Browse our collection of powersport batteries made to either surpass or match OEM requirements for amp-hour (Ah), reserve capacity (RC), and cold cranking amps (CCA).

The rating that establishes a battery’s capacity to start an engine in chilly weather is called cold cranking amps.

How long a newly charged battery can keep its charge is known as its reserve capacity.

Amp-Hour: A measurement of a battery’s capacity, or the amount of current it can provide at a particular pace.

What Type of Powersport Battery Do You Need?


Although flooded lead acid batteries are less expensive than AGM or lithium batteries, they are nonetheless suitable for powersports applications. They also need more upkeep. When flooded batteries are recharged, water evaporates out of them because they are not totally sealed.

In the event that your battery floods, you will need to periodically add deionized or distilled water to make up for this water loss. If not, there is a chance that the battery’s plates will corrode and have a shorter lifespan.


Absorbed Glass Mat, or AGM, batteries are totally sealed. They require no maintenance and are spill-proof as a result. Because of evaporation, flooded batteries lose water, whereas AGM batteries include a one-way pressure relief valve that keeps gases from escaping.

Oxygen recombination is the mechanism by which the gasses within an AGM battery recombine into water when it is charged.

The electrolyte in an AGM battery is kept in stasis in many fiberglass plate separators. As a result, AGM batteries have several benefits over flooded batteries, such as longer lifespans, quicker recharging periods, and slower rates of depletion.

Additionally, they are more resilient to heat, cold, and shocks. Compared to flooded batteries, AGM batteries are more expensive initially, but because of their extended lifespan, they may wind up being less expensive overall.


The safest, lightest, and quickest motorbike batteries available are our X2Power lithium iron phosphate (LiFePO4) batteries. Lithium batteries charge up to two times faster and last about four times longer than other batteries because of their better chemistry.

Additionally, lithium batteries keep a charge for a lot longer in storage due to their extremely low self-discharge rates. In addition, they weigh around 55% less than a lead acid battery.

Although lithium batteries are more expensive initially, you will usually save money over time because of their extended lifespan.