All the Information You Need to Select a Pillow

A good night’s sleep is influenced by a number of elements, including your mattress, the temperature, distracting sounds, and light (or lack thereof). But have you ever thought about your pillow as an important component?

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Even with the ideal mattress, you can still be tossing and turning in your sleep, attempting to find a comfortable position, if your pillow is awful.

What Makes the Correct Pillow Important?

Choosing the correct pillow can aid your sleeping position, which can significantly enhance the quality of your sleep. Have you ever tried to work out the kink in your neck when you wake up in the morning and think, “I must have slept funny”? We have also been there. You may sleep more soundly and wake up with fewer aches and pains when you have proper sleeping position.

Regardless of your chosen sleeping position, the appropriate pillow will help maintain your spine in alignment as you sleep, often known as assistance with your sleeping posture. Your hips, shoulders, back, and neck will all receive the support they require from a pillow that promotes good posture, allowing you to wake up pain-free.

Finding the ideal pillow depends on your preferred sleeping position in addition to your own preferences, which play a major role in the selection process. Which sleeping position do you prefer—your stomach, side, or back? This will establish how much support your pillow needs to provide.

Optimal Pillows for Recliner Chairs

If you sleep on your back, your pillow should support your head and neck without forcing your neck into an uncomfortable position. Keeping in mind that you want your neck and spine to remain in alignment while you sleep, back sleepers should ideally choose a medium-thick pillow that is neither too flat nor too filled.

Various Options for Side Sleeper Pillows

Your pillow should maintain your head in a neutral posture and in line with your spine if you sleep on your side. When you sleep on your side, your shoulder bears the majority of the strain. To relieve some of the pressure on your shoulder and provide your neck with the necessary support, consider switching to a firmer, fuller cushion.

Various Styles of Pillows for Stomach Sleepers

Stomach sleeping is frequently regarded as the most difficult sleeping posture and can result in neck, back, and joint discomfort. To guarantee a better night’s sleep, several experts advise teaching yourself to gradually shift to a different posture. You should use a softer, somewhat less filled pillow if you sleep on your stomach because we understand that changing your sleeping patterns takes time. Your spine will remain as neutral as possible as a result of this.

When is it time to get a new pillow?

Your pillow typically doesn’t last as long as a mattress, which has an approximate eight-year lifespan (possibly more if you choose a high-quality model and take proper care of it). Generally speaking, you’ll need to replace your pillow every 18 months, although a high-quality memory foam cushion should last up to three years. Uncertain if a new cushion is necessary? Here are some methods to determine:

Make sure your pillow is clean. Does it have stains? Do you see any holes or tears? Is there any scent to it? (We realize it’s gross, but pillows gather perspiration and dead skin just as your mattress does. Mold can even develop on them.) It could be time to get rid of your pillow if any of these questions were “yes” for you.

Try the fold test if it passes the physical examination. Does your pillow remain folded when you fold it in half, or does it unfold and return to its previous shape? If it remains folded, your pillow is most likely worn out and it could be time to part ways.

It could be time for an upgrade if your pillow is lumpy, stinky, flat, or any combination of these. The ideal cushion, the Premium Latex cushion is cozy and supportive. We developed a responsive memory foam pillow that works well in all sleeping positions during many years of development. Made with the same quality cooling latex that our customers adore in our mattress, it is also cooling. Its comfy, nicely designed cover is also removable and machine washable.

With two sides—a cooling side and a quilted pocket side that resembles down—the Hybrid Pillow is reversible and customizable. With a detachable insert, this pillow offers total customization and is a wonderful option for any sleeping position. For a broader pillow, leave the insert in place; for a little flatter pillow, remove it. This cooling gel side pillow and its cool-to-the-touch fabric construction will keep you cool as you sleep.


How is a cushion cleaned?

Most pillows are washable in a machine. Take off the pillowcases and give each piece a gentle cycle in cold water. Apply a little soap (neither fabric softener nor bleach). After a thorough rinse, tumble dry on low until damp-dry. To avoid shrinking, reshape while still moist and let it air dry fully before using it again. It is recommended to take out any foam or gel inserts from memory foam pillows before washing them.

How can I select the finest neck pain pillow?

If you have neck discomfort, the best pillow to use is medium-firm; it will support your head and neck properly without placing too much pressure on any one location. Additionally, you might want to try specialist cushions, such as a cervical pillow made specifically for those with neck issues.

What is the typical pillow size?

A typical cushion is 26 inches long and 20 inches broad. It could be a little bit smaller or bigger than this, depending on the manufacturer. There is no standard size for “standard” in the industry because you may design a bespoke casing for it.

Does the type of pillow you choose depend on your mattress?

Yes, for optimal alignment, the hardness of your pillow and mattress should cooperate. Rather than merely shopping for the perfect pillow, it’s a good idea to take a close look at both your mattress and pillow. Principal factors influencing pillow selection due to a mattress: A softer mattress will make your body sink, which will result in bad alignment and neck pain. Your body shape won’t be conformed by a hard mattress, and you could discover that a softer pillow is more pleasant. Is sleeping without a pillow healthy? Check out our post for all the information you want to determine whether or not sleeping without a pillow is healthful.

Which sorts of pillows are there?

Although latex pillows have numerous advantages, such as being supple, responsive, breathable, and long-lasting, they may be expensive. These pillows are flexible and comfortable, with a bounce-back quality akin to memory foam. Additionally, latex pillows offer superior spinal support and pressure-point alleviation. Furthermore, latex has a higher natural temperature retention than memory foam. Its cooling properties are further enhanced when it is shredded, which allows for even greater, longer-lasting air circulation. In addition, latex pillows are hypoallergenic, which means that mold, mildew, and dust mites cannot thrive on them.