From March 6-10, Richland County property changes hands 2023


These real estate transactions were documented between March 6 and March 10 in Richland County:

Four lots on Ashland Road and Smith Avenue in Mansfield, sold for $16,500 by Smith Avenue Realty Company to DRJ Rental LLC.

Mansfield, 808 Dickson Parkway; Matthew P. and Janice M. Work to be performed for Vanessa R. and William A. Young; $262,000

$20,000 was transferred from Butternut Property Group LLC to Ignacio Gaytan for 376 W. Fourth St. in Mansfield.

$155,000 for 501 Sunset Boulevard, Mansfield, from Jill Spidell to Nicholas S. Petursson.

Debra J. Miller sold 173 Raleigh Avenue in Mansfield to Eric Boardman for $28,100.

451 Brenda Drive, Mansfield; Edna M. Stinehour and Margrit A. Bautz; $150,000

$600,000 for 1467 S. Home Road, Mansfield, from Gino and Erica Masi to Louis M. Mampieri.

$10,000 for 459 S. Main St., Mansfield, from Joseph A. Smith to Chaudry Ishtiaz.

Sally J. Yeary sells 18 Riverbend Road in Shelby to Clinton E. Thompson for $165,000

Shiloh, 2441 Adario Road (two lots); Wayne L. and Elizabeth J. Crist, co-trustees, to Jonathan M. and Kennedy H. Greenawalt; $114,089

Shiloh, 2441 Adario Road, co-trustees Wayne L. and Elizabeth J. Crist to Julie K. and Christopher W. Gregg II for $11,950

$60,000 for 25 Dunbilt Court in Mansfield, sold by William A. Fawcett and Shinobu Koizumi to Kathy Jo Bishir.

$14,000 for 502 Howard Street, Mansfield, from Thomas J. Kososky to Tammy Jeffrey.

Seven properties at 62 Simmons Street, Butler; third successor co-trustees Anita J. Clay and James D. Ash to Winston E. and Meghan N. Oyster for $250,000

Albert R. Johnson Jr. to Raymond Bond and Kortni Dockstader for $138,000; 219 E. Fifth St., Mansfield.

Heather Stover LLC sells 78 S. Brookwood Drive in Mansfield to James E. Fonner for $103,000

779 Logan Road, Mansfield; Kevin E. Lehnhart and others to William E. Earhart for $162,250.

Avita Health System acquires 2209 Richland Mall from Richland Mall Holdings LLC for $69,000.

Avita Health System sells two properties at 2209 Richland Mall to Richland Mall Holdings LLC for $69k.

Lillie C. Garn has sold 2381 Mansfield Washington Road in Mansfield to Kathy M. Satterfield for $162,500.

Erin M. Hamm sells 2935 Mabee Drive, Ontario, to Russell Potter for $134,000

Two lots on Laser Road in Shelby, transferred from Bruce Kehres to Joyce A. Barnes for $130,000.

Timothy Herner sells 26 Plymouth Street in Plymouth to Katie Tuttle for $3,500.

239 Lexington Avenue, Mansfield, sold by Marilou Brook and Buddy Barton to Bret Woodard for $40,586

Wilbert L. Bachelder has sold 210 N. Crestline Bloominggrove Road in Galion to Tom and Sandra Williams for $111,000.

$39,000 for 82 Broadway Street, Shelby, sold by Paul Lintern and Pamela Rider Lintern to Vickie Duncan and Pamela Miley.

Jared R. and Rachel Stover to Katherine and Sean Herbst, 82 Drummond Street, Butler, for $133,000

Ricky J. and Shannon C. Caudill sold 1279 Bellview Drive in Mansfield to Timothy L. and Kelly M. Morrison for $259,900.

959 Fairfax Avenue, Mansfield; The Shelley M. Oberlin Trust to Brittany N. Carver and Steven W. Sigafoos for $118,000

Nicholas Melton sold 1329 Bellview Drive in Mansfield to Molly R. and Brandon J. Gentry for $204,900.

158k for 48 Windemere Drive, Shelby, from Delores L. Allwine to Andrew B. Carver.

17 East Madison Avenue (three properties), Shelby; Jordan D. and Jacquelyn Garrett to Michael and Sandra Stoffer for $225,000

The Estate of Delores A. Gerhart to Apple Hill Properties LLC; $60,000

675 Sunset Blvd., Mansfield; Kymber R. Lambert to Friedrich R. and Sharla Morgenstern; $150,000

$150,000 transfer for 4576 Harris Road, Butler, from Daniel H. Nisley to TR Craig Companies LLC.

Alfred H. and Kay R. Clark are selling 3410 Brokaw Road in Butler to Caleb J. and Alexis J. Kindt for $171,000.

4798 Vermillion Street, Ashland: Kelly Riffle to Scott Buzzard for $500,000

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