Tips For Trekking Mount Rinjani

Make a hiking pole request. Though we had never used trekking poles before, our trip would not have been possible without them. They will save your knees after hours of steep descents and help you stay upright on the sandy, slick slopes.

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Get ready. You probably won’t realize how difficult the trail will be. Take your time, pausing if necessary every few steps to collect your breath. You will ultimately reach the summit if you simply keep moving forward and take the next step. For extra assistance, see our list of the best hiking advice for novices.

Accept not reaching the peak. Saying “no” to the morning peak trip is perfectly acceptable. Many folks choose not to climb! If you almost died on the first day, then continue to relax in your tent. Without running the danger of getting hurt or tired merely to reach the top, there is still enough of thrilling hiking to be done.

On the way down, try not to become too smug. The descent route is unstable and steep. It’s simple to trip and fall, and knee injuries are equally simpler to sustain. You’re not required to sprint down the path in flip-flops just because the porters are!

Show consideration. Even when you’re tired, try to maintain your awareness while hiking. Allow more experienced hikers to pass you, and always make room for porters. Recall that although you are there for enjoyment, they are working!

Don’t make the trash situation in Rinjani worse. There is no denying that Mount Rinjani is overflowing with trash. Please put out your own baby wipes, toilet paper, cigarette butts, and other personal trash into a ziplock bag and bring it with you. Bring a garbage bag and pick up trash along the route if you’d want to do more.

Additional Important Things To Enquire About Your Rinjani Trekking Package

What is carried by the porters? Typically, porters carry food, water, and camping supplies, while hikers carry all of their personal belongings (clothing, toiletries, etc.).

How big is the group? Although our trip was private, be sure to enquire about the size of the group if you are traveling in a group. Larger groups on the path typically caused additional delays and were also noisier.

How do they handle trash? On the trek, you will consume a lot of food and drink. Ensure that your tour operator compensates their porters to remove your trash off the mountain rather than burning or dumping it there. Please refrain from adding to the already large amount of trash on Rinjani!

Who is in charge of the business? What is the tale of them? We adore doing trips with independent businesses owned by residents. They are typically more concerned with protecting the environment and ensuring the viability of their company than they are with making rapid money.

Packing List for Rinjani Trekking

Bring the least amount of stuff you can. Leave it behind if you believe you can live without it! When you reach your 1200th meter of elevation gain for the day, you will regret carrying that additional weight!

Scarf, gloves, and hat (the top is really chilly)

Suitable hiking footwear (running shoes aren’t sufficiently grippy)

Headlamp (for the peak trek at night)

One or two t-shirts that absorb sweat

Just one short pair

One lengthy pair of pants

Toothpaste and toothbrush

Sun hat (create this simple DIY hat if you don’t already have one)


Lip sunscreen (unattractive since our lips burnt)


Underwear and socks

bathing suit

little towel

Identification and cash for gratuities


base layer (the top becomes really chilly)

Wet wipes (pack them out if you pack them in)

Hand sanitizer or soap


All of the information you require to schedule your Rinjani hiking excursion is provided here. Please feel free to ask questions in the space provided below the comments section if we missed something.