Why the design of a dog breeder website matters

Is the appearance of your dog breeding website truly important? Indeed, it does!

I can see why dog breeder websites tend to be badly constructed overall. They were either self-designed, created by a professional years ago, or developed by a relative.

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Why pay a professional painter when I can paint a wall? Since painting involves much more than just applying paint to a wall. The same holds true for website design.

It’s imperative that your website be mobile-friendly.

It should go without saying that more individuals are utilizing mobile devices to access the internet.

Not simply for calls or texts, my son always has his phone on him. He purchases items online using the phone in addition to using it for internet surfing.

The responsive website requires you to pinch and zoom in order to make it fit on the screen across all devices. This indicates that the website has been tailored to various screen sizes, offering the best possible user experiences across all platforms.

Though I could go on forever on numbers, I won’t. It goes without saying that more people are using smartphones. Additionally, young people will soon be your target market because they utilize mobile devices a lot. When he moves out of the house, my son has already chosen the kind of dog he wants (?)

The following are some general consequences that a visitor to your website may experience from non-responsive web design.

audience decline

Users will look for other options instead of interacting with your website.

Since Google recommends responsive design, having a non-responsive website might get you penalized by the search engine.

The simplest method for building and updating a website for a breeder

Allow us to assist you in creating or transferring a website! Excellent for those with hectic schedules who lack the time to maintain their existing website or create one from scratch.

Your website’s user experience will be enhanced by better navigation for your visitors.

The user-friendliness of your website will be greatly impacted by the way your navigation is designed. It influences both search engine rankings and the likelihood that users will stay and interact with your material.

After looking over hundreds of dog breeder websites, I’ve come across a few typical navigation errors.

An excessive number of navigational elements (On some websites, I’ve seen more than 20 things.)

unclear labels for navigating

navigation that’s quite difficult to locate

at the conclusion of each page (why must I scroll to view the next page?)

Use of pictures rather than words for navigation is highly detrimental to search engine optimization.

Pages lack coherence (please don’t make me think)

Generally speaking, no more than seven primary navigation elements should be included. This quantity is easy for visitors to scan, and they are less likely to overlook crucial connections.

Another crucial factor is the navigation sequence. The most crucial elements should appear first, and the contact link should come last.

Every page’s navigation must be the same. It must to adhere to a set style as well. Standard placement for it would be in a sidebar or a horizontal bar at the top of the page.

Your website should be easy for users to navigate and not need any thought on their part. This contributes to a positive user experience.

In what ways does Breedpost assist you in designing your dog breeding website?

You may increase the quality of your website’s navigation, mobile friendliness, and design.

uphold your reputation and confidence as a breed authority.

raise the level of visitor engagement

raise your ranks in search engines