Chambers Europe 2023: Dentons ranks highly with 177 attorneys and 122 practices 2023


In the 2023 edition of its Europe guide, Chambers and Partners ranked 177 Dentons attorneys in 17 European countries and in CEE and Europe-wide categories. Seventy out of a total of 204 individual ranks were in the highest tier (Bands 1 and 2), and four attorneys obtained the renowned ‘Eminent Practitioner’ designation, which recognizes their leadership and impact within the legal profession.

Dentons received a total of 22 new lawyer rankings, while 24 attorneys improved their position in comparison to the previous year’s rankings. These enhancements demonstrate Dentons’ commitment to attracting and cultivating outstanding employees, as well as its rising market reputation and high-quality legal counsel.

50 of Dentons’ 122 practice and sector rankings were inside Band 1 or 2. As a result of the promotion of the Banking and Finance team to Band 1 in Central and Eastern Europe (CEE), Dentons is the only international law firm with top rankings in all practice areas researched by Chambers and Partners in the CEE-wide category, demonstrating the Firm’s strong cross-border capabilities.

The following Dentons attorneys are recognized in Chambers Europe 2023:


  • Borovikov, Edward (International Trade/WTO)


  • Rob Irving (Corporate/Mergers & Acquisitions)
  • Evan Lazar (Real Estate) (Real Estate)
  • Mark Segall (Banking & Finance)
  • Mateusz Toczyski (Banking & Finance)


  • Bertold Bar-Bouyssière (Competition: EU)
  • Botteman, Yves (Competition: EU)
  • James Venit (Competition: EU)

Czech Republic

  • Tomáš Bílek (Employment)
  • (Restructuring/Bankruptcy) Pavel Bogusk
  • Daniel Hurych (Banking & Finance)
  • Monika Kajanková (Real Estate)
  • Petr Kotáb (Tax)
  • Zdeněk Kučera (Dispute Resolution; TMT)
  • Evan Lazar (Real Estate)
  • Corporate/M&A expert Jan Prochazka.
  • Ladislav Smejkal (Compliance; Employment)
  • Jiří Stržínek (Real Estate)
  • (Banking & Finance; Restructuring/Insolvency) Ji Tomola.
  • Markéta Tvrdá (Real Estate)
  • Petr Zákouck (Competition/Antitrust; Energy & Projects)


  • Allix, Jean-Marc (Banking & Finance; Projects & Energy: Domestic: Finance)
  • Jean-Claude Calisti (Tax)
  • Frédérique de la Chapelle (Insurance)
  • Marc Fornacciari (Public Law)
  • Dorothée Griveaux (Public Law)
  • Pharma/Life Sciences: Corporate Jean-Marc Grosperrin
  • Sandra Hazan (Tax)
  • Séverine Hotellier (Insurance)
  • Pascal Jouannic (Capital Markets: Structured Finance)
  • Loïc Lemercier (Intellectual Property: Patents)
  • Isabelle Leroux (Intellectual Property: Trade Mark & Copyright)
  • Philippe Max (Banking & Finance)
  • (Restructuring/Bankruptcy) Audrey Molina
  • (Pharma/Life Sciences: Regulation) Pascale Poupelin.
  • Pascal Schmitz (Real Estate)


  • Otar Kipshidze (Dispute Resolution; General Business Law)
  • Germany Avto Svanidze (General Business Law)
  • Peter Braun (Public Law: Public Procurement and PPP)
  • Pia Dorfmueller (Tax: Consultants)
  • Oliver Dreher (Capital Markets: Debt)
  • Gregory Eggert (Capital Markets: Structured Finance)
  • Michael Graf (Tax)
  • Competition and European Law scholar René Grafunder
  • Andreas Haak (Public Procurement/PPP: Public Law)
  • Tim Heitling (Energy: Transactional)
  • Peter Homberg (Life Sciences) (Life Sciences)
  • Jorg Karenfort (Competition/European Legal System).
  • Arne Klüwer (Capital Markets: Structured Finance)
  • Public Law: Public Procurement/PPP by Wolfram Krohn
  • Ilka Mehdorn (Healthcare)
  • Constantin Rehaag (Intellectual Property: Trade Mark & Unfair Competition)
  • Dirk-Reiner Voss (Real Estate)
  • Andreas Ziegenhagen (Restructuring and Bankruptcy)


  • Tímea Bana (TMT)
  • Tünde Gonczol (Competition/Antitrust)
  • (Corporate/M&A) Anita Horváth.
  • Gergely Horváth (Banking & Finance)
  • (Corporate/M&A) Rob Irving.
  • Emőke Kovács (Projects & Energy)
  • Judit Kővári (Real Estate)
  • István Réczicza (TMT)
  • Marcell Szőnyi (Real Estate)
  • Eszter Zádori (Projects & Energy)


  • Karyn Harty (Dispute Resolution; TMT: Media)
  • Niamh Keogh (Tax)
  • Andrew Muckian (Real Estate)
  • Peter O’Brien (Banking & Finance)
  • (Corporate/M&A) Shane O’Donnell
  • Gareth Steen (Restructuring/Insolvency) and Eavan Saunders (Corporate/M&A)


  • Luca De Benedetto (Dispute Resolution)
  • Sara Biglieri (Dispute Resolution)
  • Davide Boffi (Employment)
  • Antonella Brambilla (Capital Markets: Equity)
  • Alessandro Dubini (Corporate/M&A: Premium Capabilities; Private Equity)
  • Banking & Finance; Restructuring/Insolvency; Alessandro Fosco Fagotto
  • Pier Francesco Faggiano (Corporate/M&A: Premium Capabilities)
  • Annalisa Feliciani (Capital Markets: Debt)
  • Andrea Fiorelli (Tax)
  • (Restructuring/Insolvency) Cristian Fischetti
  • Federico Fusco (Intellectual Property: Copyrights)
  • Mileto Mario Giuliani (Energy & Natural Resources)
  • Maria Sole Insinga (Real Estate)
  • Piergiorgio Leofreddi (Capital Markets: Debt)
  • Roberto Lipari (Dispute Resolution)
  • Giangiacomo Olivi (Employment) Luca De Menech (TMT: Information Technology; TMT: Media)
  • Carsten Steinhauer (Energy & Natural Resources)
  • Federico Sutti (Real Estate; Insolvency/Restructuring)
  • Corporate/M&A: Superior Capabilities, Barbara Urselli
  • Federico Vanetti (Public Law: Environmental, Public Law: Zoning & Planning)


  • Christel Dumont (Real Estate)
  • Jean-Luc Fisch (Tax) Stéphane Hadet (Banking & Finance)
  • Martine Gerber-Lemaire (Real Estate) Netherlands
  • Jeroen le Clercq (Real Estate)
  • Competition/European Law specialist Marc Kuijper
  • Eugenie Nunes (Employment)
  • Jan Jakob Peelen (Public Law: Planning and Environment)
  • Wendela Raas (Real Estate)
  • Paul Wanders (Real Estate)


  • Agnieszka Stefanowicz-Barańska (Competition/Antitrust)
  • Katarzyna Bilewska (Dispute Resolution)
  • Jakub Celiński (Capital Markets: Equity)
  • Piotr Dulewicz (Corporate/M&A: Premium Capabilities; Private Equity)
  • Aleksandra Minkowicz-Flanek (Employment)
  • Agnieszka Gilowska (Public Procurement)
  • Pawe Grabowski (Corporate/M&A: Premium Capabilities; Private Equity)
  • Anna Gulińska (Competition/Antitrust)
  • Michał Jochemczak (Dispute Resolution; Dispute Resolution: Arbitration)
  • Tomasz Korczyński (Projects & Infrastructure)
  • Bartłomiej Kordeczka (Real Estate)
  • Jakub Kot (Projects & Infrastructure)
  • Aldona Kowalczyk (Public Procurement)
  • Wojciech Kozłowski (Dispute Resolution)
  • Arkadiusz Krasnodębski (Energy & Natural Resources)
  • Sylwester Kuchnio (Public Procurement)
  • Agnieszka Kulińska (Energy & Natural Resources)
  • Karol Laskowski (TMT)
  • Piotr Machnikowski (Dispute Resolution: Arbitration)
  • Michał Motylewski (Energy & Natural Resources)
  • Piotr Nerwiński (Banking & Finance)
  • Bartosz Nojek (Banking & Finance)
  • Cezary Przygodzki (Tax)
  • Anna Maria Pukszto (Dispute Resolution; Insolvency/Restructuring)
  • Patrick Radzimierski (Dispute Resolution) Maciej Ryniewicz (Real Estate) Monika Sitowicz (Real Estate)
  • Ewa Rutkowska-Subocz (Environment)
  • Stanisaw Sotysik (Arbitration; Restructuring/Insolvency)
  • Piotr Szafarz (Real Estate)
  • Anna Szymańska (Public Procurement)
  • Mateusz Toczyski (Banking & Finance)
  • Restructuring/Insolvency Expert Tomasz Trocki
  • Marek Trojnarski (Intellectual Property)


  • Loredana Chitu (Capital Markets)
  • Tiberiu Csaki (Dispute Resolution: Litigation)
  • Simon Dayes (Banking & Finance)
  • Stefi Ionescu (Banking & Finance)
  • Simona Marin (Banking & Finance)
  • Claudiu Munteanu-Jipescu (Projects & Energy)
  • Bogdan Papandopol (Real Estate)
  • Maria Tomescu (Banking & Finance)
  • Perry Zizzi (Real Estate) Slovakia
  • Patrícia Gossányiová (Banking & Finance)
  • Juraj Gyárfáš (Competition/Antitrust; Corporate/M&A; Dispute Resolution; Real Estate)
  • Peter Kubina (Banking & Finance; Dispute Resolution)
  • Martin Mendel (Real Estate)


  • Jabier Badiola (Banking & Finance)
  • María Cortizas (Tax)
  • Ignacio Corujo del Valle (Capital Markets: Debt)
  • Israel de Diego (Corporate/M&A: Premium Capabilities)
  • Jesús Durán (Investment Funds: Fund Formation; Private Equity)
  • Luis Gil Bueno (Energy & Natural Resources)
  • Eduardo Gómez de Enterría (Employment: Highly Regarded)
  • Santiago Hurtado (Administration: Restructuring/Insolvency)
  • Itxaso López (Real Estate)
  • Jesús Mardomingo (Banking & Finance: Financial Services Regulation)
  • Diego Pol (Corporate Compliance)
  • William Roberto Tojo (Real Estate)
  • Daniel Vázquez García (Environment)
  • Turkey (Dentons) (Dentons)
  • Nadia Cansun (International Corporate/M&A)
  • Tamsyn Mileham (Banking & Finance: Foreign)
  • Turkey (BASEAK) (BASEAK)
  • Competition/Antitrust Attorney ahin Ardyok
  • Barlas Balcıoğlu (Banking & Finance; Real Estate)
  • Gülistan Hatay Baltacı (Shipping; Aviation)
  • Kağan Dora (TMT)
  • Competition/antitrust attorney Bora kiler.
  • Selim Keki (Corporate/M&A)
  • Semih Sander (Shipping)
  • Galip Selcuk (Corporate/M&A)

Great Britain

  • Louisa Caswell (Commercial and Corporate Litigation)
  • Cohen, David (Capital Markets: Debt)
  • Nicholas Hayday (Capital Markets: Debt)
  • Brian Moore (Corporate/M&A in Scotland)
  • Mid-Market Corporate/M&A Consultant Neil Nicholson
  • Scotland’s (Corporate/M&A) Iain Sutherland
  • Ukraine
  • (Corporate/M&A) Oleg Batyuk.
  • Corporate/M&A expert Adam Mycyk.

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