Peru: Nationwide dengue fever activity elevated through 1 April/update 2023


Peru has high dengue disease activity through April. Piura is worst. Avoid mosquitoes.

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Dengue virus activity has increased nationwide, with 18,956 cases reported Feb. 27–April 2 and 38,386 since Jan. 1. In 2022, 14,172 instances were reported. Piura had 8,054 cases, followed by Ucayali (6,053), Loreto (5,884), San Martin (2,860), Huanuco (1,743), and June (1,582). To stop transmission, health authorities increase health services, epidemiological surveillance, and prevention and health promotion. This is as of April 17.


In Peru below 2,000 meters elevation, dengue fever is a year-round concern, but transmission is strongest September–May when mosquitoes reproduce. Bolivia had 72,851 dengue cases in 2022, 49,274 in 2021, and 56,394 in 2020.

Some nations offer a dengue vaccination. Only dengue-infected people and nations with high dengue fever rates should take it. Mosquitoes spread dengue illness. Dengue fever symptoms include rapid fever, severe headache, severe pain behind the eyes, muscle and joint pain, rash, easy bruising, and/or nose or mouth bleeding. Symptoms can arise up to 10 days after being bitten. Dengue fever can lead to DHF. Untreated DHF can kill.


Dengue fever survivors should discuss immunization with their doctors. Reduce mosquitoes by removing standing water and avoiding bites. Symptoms should be treated within two weeks of exposure. Dengue fever can cause bleeding, so avoid aspirin and ibuprofen.

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