PTPestimates eliminate repair cost guesswork 2023


Home inspections are making a reappearance as the real estate market continues to cool following the end of the pandemic-induced housing boom of the last several years.

With its Ultimate House Inspection, Pillar To Post Home Inspectors® is a leader in restoring faith in homeownership and providing real estate professionals with the skills and resources necessary to effectively assist clients through the process.

Pillar To Post Home Inspectors® is devoted to reinventing the home inspection profession by providing customers with what they desire and REALTORS® with what they require: the ideal home inspection experience.

PTPEstimates, which is powered by PunchList, is one of four unique innovations included in the improved product suite that has taken the home inspection market by storm since its introduction 18 months ago.

As anybody who has gone through the home-buying process can tell, one question is frequently left unanswered after studying the inspection report: How much will these repairs cost?

Given that the house inspection gives a comprehensive review of a property from top to bottom, taking into account the health of the physical structure, the foundation, the roof, and virtually everything else, there is no simple method to estimate the cost of the issues noted in the report.

With PTPE estimates, however, it is now easier than ever to assign a monetary value to any line item.

In addition to receiving a cost estimate for inspection summary items based on local costs, clients can now request estimates with the press of a button.

Estimates are delivered within 24 hours, which is crucial for keeping transactions on schedule, and clients don’t have to worry about additional fees because PTPE estimates is included in the price of the inspection.

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