86% of Chennai homebuyers choose wellness 2023


After the epidemic, 86% of Chennai homebuyers prioritize health, safety, and welfare. Godrej Properties found that 73% of Chennai homebuyers prioritize energy saving, waste reduction, and a sustainable lifestyle.

House Livability Factors highlight how the pandemic changed purchasers’ choices for residential flats.

The study found that the pandemic changed space choices inside and outside dwellings. 81% of Chennai homebuyers want vegetation around their houses.

Godrej Properties CEO south zone Pramod Bisht remarked, “Homebuyers today are going beyond the basic criteria. People want custom-designed, smart houses that are technologically advanced and include modern safety, security, and other features. Homebuyers increasingly value health and safety, preferring an open and safe living environment.”

71% of Chennai respondents have adapted to work-from-home and modified their houses for it, according to the report. It also showed that 67% of Chennai homebuyers value having a location to cultivate hobbies.

Godrej Properties (GPL) conducted the House Livability Factors study in Pune, Mumbai, Delhi, Bangalore, Kolkata, Ahmedabad, and Chennai.

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