North Lanarkshire’s Three-Year Strategic Commissioning Plan Approved 2023


Health & Social Care The North Lanarkshire Integration Joint Board has adopted North Lanarkshire’s ambitious three-year Strategic Commissioning Plan (IJB).

The plan sets ambitious local health and social care goals to help individuals live independently in their communities.

It describes how North Lanarkshire’s health and social care users’ needs and ambitions will be met.

The strategy prioritizes access to services, health equity, and high-quality, person-centered care. The strategy also promotes early intervention, prevention, empowerment, partnership, and national health and wellness outcomes.

Health and social care users, partners, the public, and partnership personnel collaborated on the strategy.

Localities, targeted groups, community boards, elected members, Integration Joint Board members, and the strategic planning group participated in engagement activities. The draft plan and survey questionnaire were posted online to gather comments and develop the final plan.

“Person-centred community health and social care services are crucial in offering support to people, families, and our broader communities to improve their health, wellbeing, and quality of life,” said North Lanarkshire Integration Joint Board chair Councillor Ayeshah Khan.

“Our employees and partners worked hard to create a common vision for health and social care in North Lanarkshire. I’m convinced it helps individuals in their communities live better and more independently.

“It’s vital to thank the people of North Lanarkshire for engaging with the process and contributing to the development of this plan. The engagement process allowed a wide range of service users, caregivers, partner organizations, and staff to share their experiences and shape the plan.

“High-quality community health and social care services help persons with long-term health issues stay well and avoid hospitalizations.

“This plan has been produced in cooperation with our local communities to accomplish these broad aims and reflect the needs and ambitions of North Lanarkshire residents by enabling them access a larger range of services and assistance.

“The plan will be implemented over the following three years, with progress assessed periodically to ensure that services continue to match local needs and goals.”

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