Access to your health records at your convenience 2023

Patients desire medical records. Our Patients Association-hosted seminar on online medical records showed that.

We had to answer so many event inquiries online. Every day, Patients Association hotline callers seek how to acquire their Physician or hospital records.


We know patients want their health records. We also think patients should be able to examine their health records. It implies patients should be able to see it and comprehend it.

We facilitate the rollout of access to GP-held records via the NHS App and other patient applications in English GP practices. Most 16-year-olds will instantly see new GP clinical record entries. This includes prescriptions, test results, and doctor visits entered into the system.

Medical records assist people control their care. Access lets them track medication, verify test results, and read GP and expert letters. Patients can check for missing information and share with relatives.

Joint decisions

This information empowers patients to participate in their treatment by helping them make decisions. It improves patient-physician decision-making by preparing patients for consultation. Easy access to health records encourages patient cooperation since collaborative decision making is essential.

Patient accounts

Artie blogs about his chronic illnesses. “I appreciate seeing my blood tests on the app,” they remark.

“It’s also wonderful to have this easily available record so I don’t have to worry about writing notes and asking questions on the fly, I can check the findings whenever I want and prepare inquiries.”

The NHS App shows Emma’s stroke records from five years ago. “It’s crucial for me to be able to access my information digitally to prepare and maximize the advantages of appointments and to be able to help medical professionals by referencing precise dates and drugs etc.”

Arthur utilizes his GP’s service and the NHS App to view his records. “I find it valuable to evaluate my prior history and records,” he says. I showed A&E physicians documentation that helped them treat me.”

Medical records webinar recordings are available online. Browse webinar attendees’ questions and answers.

Dr. Timothy Ferris, NHS England’s National Director of Transformation, said patients should have access to their GP health information wherever they live.

Artie, Emma, and Arthur’s stories illustrate why we’re improving online record access nationwide. Clinicians agree it improves patients worldwide.

As we move toward more joined-up care and embrace digital developments that allow people to manage their health and treatment, many sectors of our health service are enabling online record access.

In 2020, Milton Keynes University Hospital (MKUH) and Oxford University Hospitals were the first to let patients to examine their hospital records directly in the iPhone Health app, helping them understand their care plans and prepare for visits.

We are working toward our goal of allowing patients to access their Doctor health records at the press of a button. Almost 750 clinics enabled prospective record access last month. One in five clinics now automatically provide complete prospective record access to 6.5 million internet patients.

Recent access switchers report that the process went easily and produced no major concerns.

When more practices understand that the capability can be enabled securely and to the advantage of patients and staff, we expect adoption to increase in the coming months.

This is a major transition for many practices, so worries are natural. It takes time to adapt to new methods, especially during peak demand. But, patient care advantages are strong and must be provided to patients everywhere.

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